Tonya Genison Prince


In this book you'll find:

  • Tactics and lessons that are well organized and easy to remember!
  • Tactics and lessons that are time adaptable to fit your changing schedules and young attention spans!
  • Easy to do assignments just for parents with surprising tasks even the most keenly aware parents don't often think about.  These assignments can help you find and stop a problem fast!
  • Step by step guidance and information about what to talk about when talking to children!


You know what should scare you most about child sexual abusers? The fact that you and the child/children that you care about don't know what they know.  That's about to change.

When advocate Tonya Genison Prince's son was born she was terrified. Most mothers are. However, as a survivor of child sexual abuse she wondered whether or not she would be able to protect son from what she suffered. Or were the mistakes of the past destined be repeated. Exactly what steps needed to be taken to keep her son safe? What were the right words to say? 

In this new book co-authored by Tonya and son Jas they share tactics and strategies kept him safe in couple of scary situations.  The lessons that Jas learned throughout his lifetime may have saved his life. In his own words Jas shares testimony of occasions where strategy sessions with his mom helped him quickly escape a threatening adult.

Abusers are sly.  But this mom and son team worked to give you tools that will help you and the children in your life to win the victory over predators!



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In a new book "Speak, And End Child Sexual Abuse" gives speakers insider tips and ideas from a child sexual abuse expert and child sexual abuse survivor.  This DIY speech kit packed in a convenient book format will help reduce your preparation time for your next presentation. It features insider tips and information to help you build a natural rapport with an audience, engage the audience with solid fact based information, make the best use of your own lessons and insights, and expose some common but dangerously effective tactics used by child sexual abusers. Finally end your presentation by empowering your audience to generate a new strategy to keep the children around them safe.